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Marijuana Musings

By Sid Huston

The letter “a” in front of a word dramatically changes its meaning. I wish I would have known this way back when I was taking all those academic tests. If you put that little letter in front of the words theist or Gnostic, you find a person who doesn’t believe or a person who doesn’t know what to believe. When you put that little letter in front of the word, muse you get a word that describes many people in our community today. We are living in an age when the masses want to be amused, that is entertained with mindless diversions, the desire is to be engaged in mirth to pass away the time as painlessly as possible.

Boredom has never been a problem for me, but it is for many, and this state of mind has encouraged the creation of many mind numbing contraptions, hobbies and habits for amusement. Today there seems to be a need for people to fill the unforgiving minute with pain relieving and mind altering amusement. This need must be great because many electronic games, cable and TV shows, internet activity and even medications are welcomed to help people escape their present reality.

Today in Colorado Springs over 451 Medical Marijuana Businesses exist. This new infusion of tax revenue is for 176 dispensaries, 204 grow operations, and 71 Medical Marijuana infused products. Almost overnight this weed business has spread all over our region. In the last issue of the Independent I counted over 53 advertisements for Medical Marijuana, each of them touting the benefits of their products.

Since the Obama administration made the decision to leave Medical Marijuana to the states to regulate and enforce their own laws, a whole new industry has been birthed in our region. This Medical Marijuana business has been skyrocketing, as a result of this washing of their hands.

Granted there are some positive uses for Medical Marijuana, and all of these uses are to be done under a doctor’s supervision and as a result of a doctor’s evaluation and then with a Doc’s written prescription in hand. We have research that indicates that this mind altering (Psychoactive) drug has helped people who suffer from Glaucoma, and the pain associated with cancer and various injuries.

Marijuana works in the user’s body and brain much like cocaine, heroin and alcohol does. It impinges on the Central Nervous System by attaching to the neurons in the brain and interfering with the normal communications there. Its affect on short term memory can be dangerous as a user who inhales a high dose might not be able to remember what he/she did five minutes earlier.

There are over 400 chemicals in the plant, 60 of them are cannabinoids, and these are the psychoactive compounds.  Cannabinoids have within their compound Tetrahydrocannibol or THC, and this is what binds with the human brain and activates receptors. Therefore memory, thought, concentration, sense of time, depth perception and even muscle coordination are disrupted. The user has then become very amused.

The amusement keeps the user entertained in many ways, as emotions are altered. A user can go from uncontrollable laughter in one moment and then in the next feeling paranoid. The same happens with relaxation, a person can go from feeling all tensed up into release in a blink of an eye. Then again some who have been feeling relaxed can get revved up into a full scale panic attack before you can say “bong”.

But, for most users they seem to think it helps them to unwind and to relieve stress. They say they are able to chill and feel like they have no worries when they are under its influence. Some students think this weed helps them concentrate, yet scientific studies affirm that marijuana users make more errors and had more difficulty sustaining attention than non users in controlled tests.

As a Christian who aspires to wear the CROWN, and live free in the current of God’s grace, I know the only way to do so is to be firmly founded at the base of Mount Truth. It is not wrong to seek the Lord and find out why He made this plant; certainly He has some positive use for it. He wants us to unravel these mysteries, and be impressed with His glory and then use these findings to help people; this is God’s way of showing His holiness and love.

We also know that just as pirates are known for grabbing their boucan and hacking and slashing to meet their own needs in their own ways, we can not encourage people to go to pot to meet their own needs. Satan always tempts, he will say: “Smoke this; it will help you to relax, concentrate, feel better, alleviate worry and pain etc.” But, as we have seen time and time again its use can also cause panic or paranoia and even worse and addiction.

God made us for relationship with Him and then with each other—we all know of people who have thrown valued people in their lives overboard for some Mary Jane. And the Mary Jane works like an adulteress to get people to sink deeper and deeper into isolation until they can hardly come up for breath. Just as we know we need to eat to live, when an addiction takes hold of a person’s life, they feel like they need to live to eat. Or, in this case they live to smoke dope. They become like the pirate who goes into full chase mode, to get that next high, that next euphoria, and escape. Yet in reality they have been caught in the deceivers trap.

In this way marijuana has become a false god or an idol. The Prophet Ezekiel said: “the people have set up idols in their hearts and fallen into sin.” Ezekiel 14:4

God called this idolatry lewdness, in Ezekiel He said: “I will put an end to lewdness and idolatry.” Lewdness is unrestrained or excessive indulgence. It is lust, lechery, and lasciviousness. It is wantonness. And this is where it is an attack on conscience, because with wantonness comes disregard for what is right, carelessness, and recklessness.

The irony regarding this herb, this wacky tobacco is some of its users actually think they are worshipping God better than they would with out it. The truth stings, because truth is reality, and in reality they are worshipping the creation rather than the Creator. But, their love for the hash has made their thinking into hash. The Apostle Paul explains why this type of reasoning leads people into deeper and more shameful behaviors in Romans 1:18-32.

What we have come to in this study is the absurdity of Marijuana becoming an identity issue. The use of this Hallucinogen makes it into a real gangster, a gangster that will distort the user’s sense of who they are. Along with its use comes a lifestyle, lingo,t-shirts, before long   users see or thrself as related or in relationship to the pot. Just as in our region when the fall comes around “Broncomaniacs” come out of the wood work, but this abnormally doesn’t have brain numbing chemicals altering their sense of awareness, nor does it give an obsessive craving for the next bag of grass.

As for pain relief is concerned, I am confident that God wants’ to help people with their pain. To get relief He wants us to seek Him first, and trust Him for help in your times of need. Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened.” Matthew 11:28 And Jabez of old prayed to God to help him with his pain. (1 Chronicles 4:10)

So the real question comes to the fore, how are we to deal with pain and stress? Even Jesus went through excruciating pain as Hewent through the agonizing torture of the cross. It is always good to muse our way through Luke chapter 23 and see how Jesus deals with pain. In it we see there is purpose for pain, and we see Jesus deferring to His Father to help Him with His pain. We see all kinds of pain in this text, not just physical, but relational and emotional pain. One thing for sure is this; you don’t see Jesus trying to meet His own needs in His own way. Go ahead and do some marijuana musing, if you have been going to pot instead of God, ask yourself why, and then lay this idol down, it won’t be easy but I am sure you will see that God wants to meet your needs, knows your pain and will help you.


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