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I often tell people that if I would have known that I was going to be a writer I would have taken the writing classes. When I was in high school and college I was intimidated by all the smart people who could read and write. Little did I know that my passion to communicate the Wonderful Words of Life would come ablaze by the Holy Spirit and cause my ready writer to run on to the pages of my spiral bound notebooks. Even in my writing my identity is not found in what I do, my writing has been birthed out of my love for God and people. I hope you do not grade my work, just allow these sanctified thoughts to renew your mind and emotions. A word of caution, even though I love hearing how something I wrote inspired faith or changed a life and an attitude, I will never forget that God uses the weak to do strong things and the foolish to shame the wise. If he would choose to use me in your life it is not because I am strong or smart, it is because I am weak and have become a fool for Christ’s sake. Thanks for understanding. Sincerely Sid (1 Corinthians chapter 1)

As you read these books (and read about them) you will readily see that I am a man under compulsion (2 Corinthians 5:14-21, my favorite New Testament text) and stick my neck out for your sake. You might wonder what motivated me to stick my neck out like this; the word that best describes it is “well”. Like a “well” that fills up and gushes all over the place my heart became filled and overflowing with these ideas from God’s Word and I couldn’t keep them to myself. I had been thwarted from preaching not because I wasn’t any good, but the last couple of times I preached my senior pastor required that I preach another preachers sermon. This killed my human spirit and I just couldn’t do it, I told him that the man of God needed to study the Word of God on behalf of the people of God and deliver fresh and anointed words from the Word for the people. That was just too risky for him and I knew my days preaching in that church were numbered. But that doesn’t mean we have to hide under our shell, no, no, no, we can write and publish and make an impact. Faith comes by hearing the Word (Romans 10:9-14) of God, and that isn’t limited to a pulpit. I heard Bill Hybels speak about holy discontent, and I realized that I couldn’t stand to listen to luke warm sermons, nor would I preach them and if the door wasn’t open for me to preach I could do other things to get the Word out. Now I have opportunity to reach out and help more people thru books, CD’s, radio, Blogs (Sidhuston.com) Web site (Crownscepter.org.) and Bible conferences and concerts than ever before. We just needed to step out in faith and watch God part the waters and see Him let the “Lion out of the cage.” Enjoy! Sid



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who-are-you-front-cover-3Sid’s friend Dan Brokke who is a Christian Leader and business coach challenged Sid to make his SECURING YOUR IDENTITY, message into an elevator speech. Dan told Sid that an elevator speech has to be concise enough to be communicated during an elevator ride.

Always up for a challenge Sid, began trying to put this saving message together in a compact way. As he was writing it out he remembered Bill Bright the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ and how he had developed a series of spiritual messages called the transferable concepts. The word Transferable is one of Sid’s most important words, so before long and after several drafts this power packed tool was developed. He made it to fit in the back of a jeans pocket and wanted it to have so much intrigue that it would be picked up and perused if someone saw it lying on a coffee table.

This transferable tool (booklet) deals with the “Identity Idolatry” found in the Ten Commandments and it brings people into a clear understanding of their identity in Jesus Christ as seen in His CROWN. Once again the desire to “Wear the CROWN and to help others wear the CROWN” comes thru in this helpful little booklet. This power-packed booklet was beautifully illustrated by Abby Wardlaw and masterfully put together by Debbie Decker.

Status: Available from www.Mothershousepublishing.com



grace-river-cover1While serving as an associate pastor I was frustrated with my senior pastor who wanted to chase off after the latest church growth fads. He had been reading about Post-modernism and wanted to go in that direction. His desire to reach lost people is commendable but to abandon truth for a fad was just plain wrong. As we discussed this issue we wrestled with the role of truth and our responsibility. Prior to this day we had great joy developing a concept we called the “River of Grace” and used this word picture to explain what Jesus talked about in John 7 when He said who ever comes to Him and believes and drinks from Him will have “streams of living water flow from within him” (John 7:38) a direct reference to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

What caused my pastor’s countenance to stiffen was my insistence that a life-giving river required clear and strong boundaries. I explained that if a river didn’t have good banks it would soon wash out into a swamp or worse yet a devastating gully washer. He knew I was talking about the lives of God’s dear children.

So, I went to prayer and during meditation it became clear to me that the true foundation to Grace River was to be the rock solid granite bank I called “Mount Truth”. After further study I came to see this represented God’s Law, His Word and all truth in Science and History. Once this sure foundation was set in place this metaphor showed me that Mount Truth represented God’s securing love, His sovereignty, and His Holy Character that He wanted is to base our lives on. Surely this is the rock He wanted our lives to be built on, like Jesus talked about when he said the wise man built his house upon the rock (Matthew 7:24).

At that time I was immediately struck by how the River of Grace was to flow freely at the base of Mount Truth, but I had to ask what would be on the other side? What would be the other clear bank/boundary for the River of Grace? Then it came to me, the other bank was the Sandy Banks of Discipline representing our human responsibility, and the spiritual disciplines Jesus commanded us to build. This metaphor began to flow beautifully and I could see why Jesus gave us some practical spiritual disciplines. These disciplines were never to be used for religious purposes like so many use them, rather they are grace gifts that enable us to enter into the River where we enjoy life, peace, power and purpose in the Holy Spirit. Jesus called us to build into our lives the spiritual disciplines of Bible study, Prayer, Witness, Service, worship, fellowship and stewardship etc. Yet, if we failed to build these strong banks, our lives could wash out just like New Orleans did when the levees broke after Hurricane Katrina. God doesn’t want us to be religious about these disciplines but to regularly build them into our lives so we can stand strong when the gusts of various conflict attacks us.

I now knew that God had given me a metaphor that could hold water so all of God’s children who believed in it could flow in the Holy Spirit. I could now see the balance, between Mount Truth representing God’s sovereignty, and The Banks of Discipline representing our human responsibility, all in place so we could flow in the River of God’s Grace.

And now the rest of the story: as I put these thoughts together and explained this metaphor to my pastor he clearly stated that he didn’t want that and that it wasn’t for his church. He complained to the administrative Pastor and with in weeks they fired me. The irony is that the only reason I was earnest in prayer and had rolled up my sleeves to put these thoughts together was too sincerely help the church (the church is people) grow. When I took a good look at my notes I realized God had given me a discipleship manual that would clearly help His people understand the role of truth, and grace in the Spirit controlled life. I hope you will step on in to the waters of Grace River, the water is fine!

Book status: currently out of print. Will be re-printed in a new format, the old spiral bound wire book was just too big and cumbersome. We are pleased with the content of this book, and after some needed edits and a new look and a new set up we will offer it again in two parts. The people who trudged through it reported back that the Grace River metaphor has been helpful and that they were inspired by it. The three words that define our books are Transferability, Multiplication and Impact. This book will be reworked to make it more transferable.



promo-cover-detectingI have read that “patience is the weapon that reveals deception.” As a pastor I wanted God’s children to know how and why they were being defrauded. Identity Theft isn’t just a loss of your bank account; it could be the loss of your spiritual life and identity. In this book I show that there is a real devil and he is the Identity Thief.

Now that I didn’t have a job to get up and go to, I found my self thinking and praying. And once again my ink pen began to run in these spiral bound notebooks. A new series was born, called the SECURING YOUR IDENTITY, series and in this first book God helped me see how our behaviors flow out of our identity. It became clear that our attitudes and actions are a direct result of what a person believes and what they think and feel about who they are, that is their identity! As the pen slid across the page I began to discover how the devil is the real Identity Thief and was able to see what his intentions were. I could see that he wanted God’s children to chase off after false identities and experience identity idolatry. Secondly he wants us to snivel in feeling of inadequacy, inferiority, insecurity, and insignificance. When he gets us in this swamp we are defeated and depressed. This book shows us how to detect these deceptions and his fraud all so we can have a secure identity in Jesus Christ. We can have victory in our lives if we really want it and choose to believe the truth!

This book introduces us to some of the “9′p’s” of identity idolatry so we can be saved from these destructive false identities and live securely. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear, and this book will help you to live “no fear”.

Book Status: Available in the old cover version. Some typos will be corrected along with an improved study guide for small group discussions in the new model. We are happy to report that some people experienced healing just by reading it so we are delighted to make this book available. Contact www.Mothershousepublishing.com or call 1-800-266-0999 to order copies.



like-a-rock-cover4The natural follow-up to DETECTING DECEPTIONA AND FRAUD was LIKE A ROCK. This book represents my spiritual passion to help people secure their identity in Jesus Christ. As I was writing this series I was able to spend a little time with Coach Bill McCartney. Many remember him as the Colorado Buffaloes college football coach who transformed his team into a perennial contender, but I know him as a passionate man of God who was used to found the men’s ministry and outreach called Promise Keepers. At the time I was writing he was the president of Road to Jerusalem a ministry committed to Messianic Jew and Jew reconciliation with Gentiles. Our lively discussions motivated me to think about our Jewish roots and how our identity in Israel ought to be lived out and relied upon in our everyday lives. So because of his challenge several of these chapters dive into our Jewish identity. Chapters like BE A MENORAH, GOD’S JEHOVAH NAMES, RESPECT OUR ROOT, THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD, GOD’S PURPOSES FOR HIS LAWS and GOD’S FEASTS, enable us to go deeper into understanding all that God does to impart His identity to us. The highlight of this book is the life of King David who said: “I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer. My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise.” Psalm 18:1-3

I am really pleased with this work because the depth of my research and Bible study takes people deeper into God than any writing I had ever done before. If a person or a small group dives into this study they will naturally become worshippers and become more like a rock in their identity security. The way to become secure is to quit chasing off after our own identity but to worship God in His identity. Worship in practicality is lifting up God’s name!

Book Status: Available in the old cover model.



promo-cover-be-lightMost of the New Testament writers give us the doctrine (the truth we need to believe) in the first part of their book or letter and then in the second half they give us the application of this truth into our everyday lives. Looking back on this series I see that this is what I did. The first two books really emphasized what we need to believe regarding our identity and now in BE-LIGHT, I am able to explain how to live out these truth’s as “light” in the world (Matthew 5:16)

Jesus gave us the highest identity complement a human being can receive when He said: “you are the light of the world.” This book explores what it means to live as light in this world that loves darkness. It gives many inspiring and practical stories to help you live out your identity as light. In it the author tells us that we are like the moon because the moon doesn’t create the light it just reflects the light. You will love the story about St. Francis of Assisi in here called SON MOON AND STARS,  and the reflective insights from Jesus parable of the Prodigal son where he looks at the identity imparting gifts the father gives this home coming son. The unique twist in this book is the Light Shield; this is a very helpful tool to prevent you from being consumed by the darkness again. The story of the Prodigal Son concludes with a snippet about the older brother who was consumed with resentment, this resentment is a joy-killer and a dark cloud that can over take us if we are not careful. Read the Resentment stories and relate to them, as they will lead you into a practical and “enlightening” use of the Light Shield”. The Light Shield will shine light out to your path so you can “Be-Light” to your world, yet it shines light back into your soul so you can enjoy a secure identity.

Book Status: Will be available in the summer of 09. Included in this book is the “Light Shield” to prevent the harming rays of resentment from hurting you and those you love. 



power-in-your-hand-cover1This book is a book that begged to be written. As Sid would work with Jackie Haag who is his publisher in her little blue barn, and while they were cranking out these new books they would be talking about life transforming approaches to teaching God’s Word and how to really help people. During the course of their conversations Jackie told Sid “you really need to put those teachings in a book.” Sid dedicated this book to Jackie because she encouraged him to take the time and write it out. She even named the book “POWER IN YOUR HAND”, because it is so easy to use and because it is empowering.

In 1 Timothy 1:5 The Apostle Paul told young Timothy: “the goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” POWER IN YOUR HAND imparts to its readers the benefit of a good conscience. In our culture today we see lying, cheating and stealing to be accepted. Few people acknowledge that it is the cause for the loss of confidence in our financial system and the main reason for our current recession. Sadly we have failed to teach people how to have a good conscience, and how to renew the mind. This book explains both of these important ministry concepts really well.

A couple of value added benefits to this book are the Identity Counseling Model that will expose the identity idolatry in our lives and enable us to secure our identity in God’s name. The key to a powerful life is to learn to lift up God’s name and put your identity in Him. In reality this is a name exchange, we exchange ours for His. We quit trying to make our own name, and begin to rest and rely upon His name. This teaching along with Sid’s insightful teaching called SPIRITUAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS, will shine a lot of sunshine into your soul and secure your identity.

Book Status: Available at Mothershouspublishing.com


SCEPTER: How to tell the story that can change a life forever

scepter-cover3People who live in Colorado Springs remember the Castle West Apartment fire in 2007 where lives were lost and hundreds left homeless. A few years prior to this fire Sid was preparing to enter this apartment building as he regularly did with people from the church he pastored next door. They would do door to door evangelism and share the gospel with lost people. While in college and in youth ministry Pastor Sid enjoyed seeing lots of lives transformed by these efforts. But, this time in his life was barren and he was frustrated by the little fruit he was seeing. He knew that the gospel hadn’t lost its power but was concerned because he had been in a soul winning drought and desperately wanted God to change lives. After he prayed this “honest and earnest” prayer, and really let God know about his frustration with this barrenness, his mind was strangely moved with the thought: “do what I am doing”.

In response to this holy hunch Sid went into prolonged Bible study and came to discover that the way God shared the good-news was thru the power of stories. Sid studied the Old Testament and the New and realized that the story of Jesus was hidden like treasure in most every story in the Bible. In the New Testament he began to see that Jesus was the master story teller and he understood that we need to not only read what Jesus said, but learn to do what Jesus did and Jesus told stories. He was further impressed by the Apostle Paul who when he began to defend his ministry and share the gospel did so by telling his story.

In response to these insights Sid developed the SCEPTER SEMINAR, a evangelism training seminary based on the Book of Esther where we see Esther prepared by God for “such a time as this” risk her life and touch the tip of the king’s golden scepter and exercise her “authority” as a believer in God and be used of God to save God’s people from destruction. This new book is based off of that original seminar and shows off the power of God’s Stories and shows people how to prepare and present their stories while hiding the gospel in them.

The featured story is the narrative of the man who was born blind and how he became an effective witness even if he didn’t know much. (John 9) Sid instructs people to put what he calls the ABC’s of the gospel into each story they prepare and use them as spiritual arrows in their evangelistic quiver. These story-arrows are able to penetrate hearts and minds because they are laced with the potent gospel right from the Word of God. (Romans 10:9-17) The ABC’s are the issues that must be addressed in any clear presentation, for example, we must Admit our sins, truth about Jesus must be Believe in, and the Confession and Commitment needs to be appropriated.

This is a powerful book because it assures the learner that by “being active in sharing their faith they will have a full understanding of every good thing they have in Christ.” (Philemon 1:6) Every person who studies this book will be given several outlines of stories they can tell in their everyday lives. This book helps people wear the CROWN (Christ, Righteousness, Order, Worship, and Nobility) while imparting the CROWN to others. Read it and see what Sid means when he says: “let the lion out of the cage.”

Status: This book will be available in the fall of 09 (However the Seminar is ready to go today, if you would like a reference as to the effectiveness of this seminar they are available. A Scepter Seminar is a great way to experience the “overcoming life”. Revelation 12:11 says: “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”



This is the most unusual work Sid has ever put together; it asks the question “Can I play”? The reader is grieved by the pain of the boy in the illustrations who has a basketball under his arm, and wants to join in the game. This transferable little booklet addressed the issue of service and fellowship. This is a prophetic piece about the church in the world today, and causes the reader to see the importance of not being a spectator but to put themselves in a position to play in the Kingdom of God. It is also a challenge to church leaders everywhere to involve people in life-changing ministry. The take-away of this booklet is an understanding of how Jesus wants us in His game and how He equips us and calls us to play.

Status: It has been written and is in the illustration stage. After the illustrations are complete, then lay-out and off to the publisher. It should be ready by the end of the year. But, don’t wait to get in the game, go ahead and play ball!

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2 Timothy 3:16-17

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.


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